The 59th PMAP Annual Conference with the theme Co-Regeneration which will be held on October 12-14, 2022, aims to highlight the critical role of HR and people managers in rebuilding the organizations, giving birth to a society that is not just sustainable but REGENERATIVE. This year’s conference is a call for new ways of thinking, doing, and being. 

CO-REGENERATION demands that we work together, not individually or in competition with one another as we have been used to, but collectively, using our core strengths to create a regenerative system that will help improve lives and rebuild society. 

2022 Annual Conference Tracks

Reclaiming our CORE (A New Way of Seeing)

Focusing on a REGENERATION agenda (A New Way of Thinking)

Rebuilding a NATION (A New Way of Enacting)

- Giving way to a new CREATION (A New Way of Building Pathways) 

*As we stand on the threshold of our “now normal”, PMAP is sending out a call to action: 

- Not just to build better but to build right;

- Shift focus from competitive scarcity to collaborative abundance;

- Adopt new ways of thinking, doing and being that will give rise to a society and a nation that is not only sustainable but regenerative;

- Restore faith and trust.

PMAP aims to make the conference its platform for adopting real and meaningful transformative change. Together, we can create a healthy and regenerative society, nation, and planet not just for ourselves but for the future generation. 


Whether you’re in Manila or in the comfort of your home, this year’s conference will bring you everything you’ve come to love

Attend all three (3) Regional Summits a month before the conference

- Plenary and breakout sessions for in-person and virtual attendees 

- Networking and engagement activities

- Connect with the event sponsors


Conference Date / Venue
59th PMAP Annual Conference
October 12-14, 2022
Mobile #: 0917 273 1912     
Email : kevin.jacinto@pmap.org.ph

Mobile #: 0917 580 0038
Email: carol.alcances@pmap.org.ph


Download and customize this letter template to organize your case for wanting to attend PMAP Annual Conference.

Download this letter template.



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